our-iridology-reports-are-not-computer-generated-photoChose your iris report

Sydney Iridology offers a range of iridology reports to suit your needs. They are available in a digital format upon request. Alternatively we can arrange for you to obtain a hard copy.

Upon your initial consultation you will receive your iris photos with a brief overview of your true base iris colour for free.

The Essential Signs Iris Report includes your true base iris colour, your main fibre pattern signs and additional pigment signs.

The Full Iris Report includes all of the above plus an individualised interpretation of you signs in relation to your health.

Whatever report you select, it always includes your iris photos. The iris report is a valuable document that you can keep for future reference and to monitor for possible iris changes.

Sydney Iridology reports are NEVER given to any unauthorised party. Our reports follow strict ethical standards and only contain constructive, relevant, insightful and useful information.


The iris, contrary to popular belief, takes a long time to change! At least 80% of iris signs are inherited from your ancestors and unless there is photographic proof of how irises looked before, we ethically assume that the iris signs you present with are indeed at least 80% inherited.