Iris Signs

Your irises are full of treasure that indicate your predisposition, your inherited traits and familial tendencies.


Right Eye


Left Eye

Iris Sign: Acid Wash

Looks like: White film covering the blue colour underneath, making the iris look like blue.

Physical indications: An inherited predisposition to experience inflammation and mucous membranes irritation.

Emotional indications: People that have an Acid Wash tend to be very hard on themselves out of a very high sense of duty.

Iris signs can have a physical and an emotional interpretation.

Contraction-Furrows 1

Right Eye

Contraction-Furrows 2

Left Eye

Iris Sign: Contraction Furrows

Looks like: White-looking concentric rings located in the outer part of the iris.

Physical indications: Muscular and nervous tension.

Emotional indications: Clients with concentric rings need to be surrounded by people who value, recognise and support them.

Rapidly developing photographic technology proves that iris structure hardly ever changes.

Jewels 1

Right Eye

Jewels 2

Left Eye

Iris Sign: Jewels

Looks like: Scattered spots of different colours.

Physical indications: Metabolic congestion that is linked to different organs according to the colour of the spot.

Emotional indications: People that have jewels are usually very organised and have a good ‘eye’ for detail.

The iris is your unique blueprint and iridology aims at assisting you to be the best version of yourself.

Pterygium 1

Right Eye

Pterygium 2

Left Eye

Iris Sign: Pterygium

Looks like: Milky area to the left of the right side image.

Physical indications: Slugging liver, low fat metabolism and possibly insulin resistance.

Some clients that have pterygium have reported a medically diagnosed fat liver.

The iris is your life’s canvas, how you think, feel, eat and who you love are you art materials, are you using them creatively?

Corneal-Arcus 1

Right Eye

Corneal-Arcus 2

Left Eye

Iris Sign: Corneal Arcus

Looks like: White rim on the iris border.

Physical indications: Cardiovascular risk potential, hardening of the arteries, inflammation and possibly elevated cholesterol levels

Emotional indications: Strong determination, a tendency to have a rather rigid point of view and lack of flexibility.

As you grow older you are likely to experience more of your inherited tendencies as dictated by your iris signs.