NutritionHow do naturopaths and dietitians differ?

Nutritional medicine is one of the most important branches of naturopathic medicine.

Naturopaths analyse your diet for variety, quantity, age-appropriate intake, timing, composition, colourfulness, hydration and more to ensure your body has the necessary raw materials to produce your best recipe: a healthy life.

Nutritionists differ from dieticians in that nutritionists work around your lifestyle and dietary preferences. Dieticians are trained to work directly with doctors and in hospitals. Their aim is to design diets for specific medical conditions and support patients within the medical diagnoses framework. Some dietitians follow a strict medical model whereas some others are open to holistic principles and more individualised treatments.

Nutritionists are bound by the same naturopathic principles as naturopaths which include ‘treating the person,’ not the medical condition. This then enhances your health, prevents illness and addresses the direct cause of your illness.

Naturopathic nutrition works to improve your food intake, introduce dietary modifications and prescribe nutritional supplements when necessary.