What does Reflexology have to do with Iridology?

They both have a great story to tell! Both offer effectiveness as holistic and gentle healing modalities. Whereas Iridology helps to understand how the body works and points to the right treatment direction and lifestyle choices, reflexology is a wonderful ‘body-work’ therapy that physically supports the body to achieve the best healing outcome.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology deals with the principle that all your body parts, tissues and organs are represented by areas of your feet. By applying finger pressure to those areas it is possible to assist your body in achieving relaxation, improving blood circulation and balancing bodily functions.

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How does it work?

Reflexologists use a standard technique called “thumb walking,” a caterpillar kind of motion where the thumb is used to cover the reflex areas on your feet. It’s believed there are more than 7000 nerve endings on your feet and the walking thumb promotes the natural self-healing ability of your body.

Another way to understand reflexology is that given the pressure points in your feet which correspond to some energy meridians, Reflexology actively promotes the “chi” (or vital energy) flow in your body.

Reflexology is a very therapeutic and comforting foot-based treatment that helps bring your feet in balance after a workout, the stress of competition, game playing and performance.

Did you know that great number of joints in your feet can easily come out of alignment as a result of intense physical activity? This can cause leg problems, knee soreness, lower back and neck pain. This is the main reason why your feet feel tired and sore.

Reflexology in sydneyWhat is the session like?

Reflexology is a holistic therapy. Both feet are treated while you lie down and it’s common that clients have a rejuvenating nap during the session!  The treatment taps into the body’s self-healing capability and it brings it back to its natural healthy state in a similar way to when you meditate. By applying the thumb walking technique with light to firm pressure,the procedure covers the upper, lower, inner and outer sides of your feet.

The treatment takes about one hour. In addition there are also 1.5 and 2.0 hour sessions that can include the use of a lighted crystal to balance the energies of your body.

Reflexology is highly placed among pre-natal and pregnancy care as well as labour preparation as an utterly relaxing, gentle and comforting therapy.

People have said that after the treatment they felt more “grounded,” “energetic,” “very relaxed”  and with a “wonderful sense of well-being”.

Receiving regular reflexology treatments:

  • improves your circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • detoxes lactic acid build-up
  • decreases food cravings
  • enhances physical performance
  • regulates digestion
  • relieves constipation
  • improves irritable bowel
  • reduces pre-menstrual tension
  • normalises fluid retention
  • relaxes your body and your mind
  • reduces anxiety and stress
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