Iris Signs: Your health indications

Your Sydney Iridologist will examine the eyes, explain the different areas of the iris, the iris signs, and what these represent. Iridology provides an insightful and therapeutic interpretation which usually includes physical and psychological aspects to your health.

Iris Signs: Seeing inside yourself

Iris signs are important in iridology because they can give an indication of your genetic potential, health tendencies and predispositions. Iris signs are the core of Sydney Iridology’s detective work and may uncover nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, circulatory or lymphatic problems, or they can represent how well your organs and systems are functioning. See: Iridology – Iris Imaging

Iris signs may reveal physical or psychological indications or a combination of both, for example if there is stress or anxiety. It is also understood that as you grow older you are likely to experience more of your inherited tendencies as revealed by your iris signs. For this reason it is important to start recording your iris signs from a young age. Taking regular iris images allows Sydney Iridology to monitor and compare your iris signs over the years.

The information revealed by iridology aims to assist you at being the best version of yourself. Sydney Iridology believes that once you understand how you are, you can take steps to enhance your health. See: Iridology – the iris of the eye and your iridologist

Rapidly developing photographic technology has proven that iris structure rarely changes. Visually, iris signs are categorised by the way they appear and where they are located in the iris. Iris signs can appear as rings, stars, flower petals and pigments.

Some of the more common iris signs and their health indications are given here:

Iris Sign: Acid Wash

A white film covering the blue colour underneath, making the pupil appear with a blue effect. Some areas of the iris appear as though they are covered with a layer of white film or simply look ‘whiter’ than other areas. (In Iridology examinations blue eyes generally appear grey).
Health indications:
Physical: An inherited predisposition to experience inflammation and mucous membranes irritation.
Psychological: You have a high sense of duty with a tendency to be hard on yourself.

Iris Sign: Contraction Furrows

White-looking concentric rings located in the outer part of the iris.
Health indications:
Physical: Muscular issues and nervous tension.
Psychological: You thrive when surrounded by people who value, appreciate and support you.

Iris Sign: Pigments

Scattered spots of different colours.
Health indications:
Physical: Metabolic congestion that is linked to different organs according to the colour of the spot.
Psychological: You are usually very organised and have a good ‘eye’ for detail.

Iris Sign: Pterygium

A milky area (see in this image at the left of the iris).
Health indications:
Physical: Sluggish liver function, low fat metabolism and possibly insulin resistance. Sometimes indicates what is medically diagnosed as a ‘fatty liver’.
Psychological: You tend to neglect your physical and emotional needs and might give priority to others to your own health detriment.

Iris Sign: Corneal Arcus

A cloudy rim on the iris border.
Health indications:
Physical: Cardiovascular risk potential, hardening of the arteries, inflammation and possibly elevated cholesterol levels.
Psychological: You have a strong determination, and a tendency to have a rather rigid point of view and perhaps lack flexibility.

The iris signs images on this page are for demonstration purposes only.

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