Sydney Iridology – COVID-safe PLAN

Wellbeing of our stakeholders

How we communicate our COVID-Safe Plan to clients and students

Clients and students are sent an email at the time of booking a consultation or an Iridology for Health Professionals course with us with all the information listed on this page which they have to recheck 24 hours prior to attending our premises or if symptoms arise prior to their appointment with us:

– Stay home if you are sick and let us know ASAP.
– Advise us if you are feeling unwell, have any cold and flu symptoms, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, a rash in your mouth, have lost your sense of smell and taste or have
an upset tummy.
– Also, advise us if:
      – You have been in contact with someone who recently tested positive for COVID-19 or who might have been in contact with a person awaiting a
        COVID-19 test result.
     – You have had COVID-19 and the date/s you were sick.
     – You have been tested for COVID-19, the date/s and the result/s of your test/s.
     – You received a message through the Service NSW app that you might have been in contact with a positive case in the last seven days.
     – You have been in any of the current hot spots, venues, events or public transport as per the latest update by NSW health:

– We abide by the same principles we apply to clients and students, we wear a face mask during consultations with clients and students.
– We will cancel clients and students’ appointments if we feel unwell or suspect that we could have COVID-19 or if we have been identified as close contact of somebody diagnosed or awaiting a COVID-19 test result.

How we communicate our conditions of entry to clients and students

– Our conditions of entry are sent to every client and student prior to their appointment time and are listed on our website.
– Have your smart phone ready to read our Service NSW QR code upon entering our premises.
– Have tested negative by using a rapid antigen test or PCR in the 24 hrs prior to your appointment or class.
– Even when we prefer it, being fully vaccinated is not a condition of entry to our premises. However, we reserve the right to decline a face to face consultation with you if you are not fully vaccinated, if you have not had a negative test result in the 24 hrs prior to your appointment or class or if we feel unsafe, in which case, we will offer you Skype or Zoom consultations instead.
– Wash your hands or sanitise with the alcohol hand sanitiser we provide upon entering our premises.
– Place your purse or handbag, coat and other belongings in the area we have assigned for this purpose.
– Wear a facemask covering your mouth AND nose upon entering our premises as the nature of our appointments does not secure the recommended physical distancing at all times.
– We provide clients and students with a disposable surgical facemask if they do not bring one to their appointment or class.
– Please note that whilst you have the right to claim a medical exemption for not wearing a mask as per NSW Health mandate, this is independent of our conditions of entry. If you do now wish to
wear a mask due to a medical exemption or other personal reasons we reserve the right to decline a face to face consultation with you and will offer you a Skype or Zoom consultation or class.
– Stay within the COVID-19 safe areas indicated in our premises.
– Keep 1.5 metres distance during the consultation as much as possible.

Physical distancing

How clients and students can attend our premises safely

– Clients and students must keep a minimum 1.5 metres distance during consultation and/or classes as much as possible.
– Please note that we do not have a waiting room and for this reason we request that clients and students arrive at the appointed time (not earlier or later).
– Clients can only be accompanied by one family member or close friend who will abide by all the same conditions and will stay with you at all times in our COVID-19 approved practice area.
– For babies and children appointments, we request that up to two parents or care givers attend the consultation. Even when we are child-friendly the nature of our consultations are not. We request two parents or caregivers to attend together for a child’s appointment as one of them might need to leave our premises with the child if them becomes unsettled and needs to be entertained or distracted. We do not have a COVID-19 safe space for this purpose within our practice.
– Clients and students are not to be accompanied by children as their ‘plus one’. Please arrange a babysitter or childminder to look after them away from our premises whilst you have the consultation with us. Experience has shown that parents and caregivers find it very difficult to be present and focused during the consultation whilst trying to keep the youngsters entertained. Experience has also shown that children get bored during our consultations. Ultimately, our client’s comfort and well-being drives our consultations for which reason we wish that our clients take full advantage of the insight, understanding and scope of the consultation without any distractions.
– We reserve the right to prevent you from entering our premises if you do not abide by any of our conditions listed in this page which might mean that your booked and secure appointment date, time and and fees will be forfeited.

How we monitor and control the numbers of clients and students on site

– We control and monitor the number of clients at any given time and we authorise:
    – Up to two adults and one child per up to one hour consultation appointment with one practitioner present only if the consultation is for the child.
    – Up to two adults only per up to one hour consultation appointment with one practitioner present only if the consultation is for one of the attending adults.
– Where reasonably practical, we ensure practitioners maintain 1.5 metres physical distancing at all times.
– Due to the nature of our consultations and classes, we require clients, students, and practitioners to wear a facemask at all times during consultations and classes.
– Our Iridology for Health Professionals course has a limit of up to three participants per course to ensure adequate physical distancing.
– For taking iris photos, we alcohol-wipe the iris camera device and other equipment before and after each use in front of our clients and students.
– We fully sanitise our clinic practice area in between clients with alcohol wipes, sodium hypochlorite or other available sanitisers as needed.
– For reflexology treatments, we change the chair coverings after each client and sanitise the appropriate reflexology chair parts with alcohol wipes, bleach or other available sanitisers as needed.
– For reflexology treatments, we wash your feet with soap and water or wipe them with an alcohol sanitiser as needed.

What alternatives we offer clients and students in lieu of attending our premises in person

– We offer Telehealth Skype or Zoom consultations and classes for Naturopathy, Iridology, Herbal Medicine, and Nutritional Medicine appointments.
– We offer taking iris photos outside our premises prior to the client consult or students attending our Iridology for Health Professionals course if they wish to keep the physical contact to a minimum.
– When we agree on an outdoors area to take your iris photos prior to your consult, your online Telehealth appointment date, time and fees are bound by the same conditions as attending a face to face consultation.

What are our payment and invoicing options

– We operate by using remote payment facilities. In instances where clients and students make purchases on site, there is contactless payment facilities.
– In some instances we provide an EFTPOS terminal for purchases on site that we fully sanitise frequently and in between clients as needed.

 Hygiene and cleaning

What we do to ensure hygiene and cleaning requirements

– We provide hand sanitiser upon entering our premises and we have soap and water in the practice bathroom.
– We clean our workstation and equipment frequently and in between clients and students’ appointments.
– The practice bathroom is stocked with hand soap and paper towels.
– We clean all frequently used areas in our working space with alcohol wipes or bleach, in between clients and after we finish practising for the day.
– We use 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes, 70% ethyl alcohol hand sanitiser and 4% undiluted bleach as needed.
– We wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after cleaning.
– During consultation times and classes, we keep windows and doors open to ventilate as necessary.
– We open our windows in warmer weather and/or use a fan and an air ioniser-dehumidifier to mechanically improve ventilation as necessary.

Record keeping

How we ensure we keep your records private and correct

– We keep records of all our clients and students attending our premises including full name, residential address, email address and phone numbers.
– We provide clients and students with a QR code to scan using the Service NSW app.
– We can provide clients and students with a private and non-smartphone option to register their attendance, should they not have a smartphone available, whilst attending our premises.
– Our record keeping is stored securely and is bound by privacy and confidentiality laws.
– This document and page intend to comply with the NSW Health requirments for informing clients and students of our COVIDsafe Plan registration.
We intend to cooperate with NSW Health if contacted in relation to a positive case of COVID-19 at our practice.
– We keep a copy of this COVID-19 Safety Plan at the business premises.