Iridology for Health Professionals

Study Iridology, enhance your profession, and obtain Continued Professional Education (CPE) points

Have you always been fascinated by what the eyes can reveal about health and wellbeing? Or perhaps you have a background in another integrative healthcare profession and would like to complement your offering with Iridology, or use Iridology more confidentially as a diagnostic technique.

Our Iridology for Health Professionals course is full-packed with information that can be immediately applicable to your modality. Iridology will assist you to confirm your technique, observations and treatment plans. It will also help your clients understand the whys and hows of their health status and your recommendations.

In this comprehensive course we will briefly review old school approaches to Iridology and then mainly focus on the traditional as well as current evidence facilitated by the rapidly developed digital world of iris imaging. You will learn how to use Iridology confidently, ethically and effectively in your consultations with clients.

Obtain CPE points accredited by a few Australian associations as listed below. In every session we may revise any or all of the following: anatomy, physiology, pathology, herbal medicines, nutritional medicine and nutraceuticals, dietary interventions, pharmacology, medicine effects, side effects, flower essences, mineral therapy, and patient case management. Iridology is a holistic portal to effectively framework your alternative, complementary and allied health professional development. 

Iridology for Health Professionals

Course content overview

  • The new Iridology evidence versus the old school
  • Scope of Iridology: possibilities and limitations
  • Understanding the origin of iris signs
  • Iris charts, quadrants, zones, landmarks, organ location and body systems
  • The significance of basic iris colour
  • Signs of structural variations; Flowers, Rings, ANW, etc
  • Signs of colour variations; Pigments, Tophi, Acid Wash, Heterochromia, etc
  • Pupil and pupil border signs
  • Sclera and ciliary/sclera border signs
  • Personality traits through the iris
  • Constitutional schools and constitutional typing
  • How to interpret your findings and how to present it to your client in an positive and ethically responsible way
  • Treatment strategy and natural medicines selection
  • Using Iridology equipment confidently

Duration: Eight two-hour sessions: 16 hours in total

Course Dates 
Classes are held by private arrangement with individuals or small groups at the time of application. 

Option 1: One on one – full fees upfront – $960
Option 2: One on one – pay as you go – $160
Option 3: Group contract – full fees upfront – $690   
Option 4: Group contract – pas as you go – $120               

Fees include the course’s full notes or individual session notes, whichever applicable, plus your iris photos. Iris photos value is $60.

Further details provided to you upon receiving your Expression of Interest email.

Qualification: Statement of Attainment will be issued which can be used towards continued professional education (CPE) points as allowed by your professional association. 

Association authorised CPE/CPD points:
ATMS – 16 points
ANPA – 16 points
ANTA – 16 points
NHAA – 16 points
For other associations, please consult them directly.

Location: Sydney city, NSW Australia. Specific location to be advised on enrolment. Alternatively, you can take the classes via Zoom or Skype.

1. Even though this course is open to the public, it is especially designed for advanced students, graduates, and trained healthcare professionals. 2. A highly competent knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is required to attend the course. 3. Sydney Iridology reserves the right to refuse admissions. 4. Sydney Iridology reserves the right to cancel the course or change the course dates and times. 5. Enrolment withdrawals will be accepted after having paid for the course in full by writing to us not later than three weeks before the course commencement date. Your fees will be refunded via direct bank deposit minus the non refundable admin booking fee of $90.


Who this course is for

  • Those who are seeking to complete Continued Professional Education in a practical, sustainable and ethical modality for personal and/or for accreditation requirements
  • Those that don’t know where to start when looking at an iris
  • Those who have always been interested, keen or passionate about Iridology but never had the opportunity to apply, integrate and practice it as part of their healthcare profession
  • Those that have studied Iridology at a naturopathic college or university on a face-to-face or distance-education setting, but have not had the chance to practice their skills
  • Those who were not coached or supervised to use Iridology during student clinics
  • Those who do not feel confident to apply Iridology for treatment strategy or remedy selection
  • Those who do not know how to observe digestive mal-absorption, nutritional deficiencies circulatory conditions or poor liver function
  • An integrative healthcare professional, counsellor or energetic healer and/or focus their naturopathic practice on a person-centred approach

This course is offered to individuals or small groups.  For further enquiries, to express your interest or if you need to attend different dates or times click the button below to directly email Sydney Iridology.

Study Iridology: see, watch, observe, apply, assess, illuminate, empower