Iridology: A Pathway of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is an umbrella term that defines a holistic, natural and sustainable approach to health and wellbeing. Using a lifestyle person-centred approach, Naturopathy treatments such as Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicines, may be recommended to treat and prevent ill-health, and improve existing health and wellbeing.

Overall, the natural therapy pathways found in Naturopathy aim to restore and maintain good health, vitality and wellbeing. Treatments are tailored to individual needs and consider the person as a whole (holistic) being. Health goals, as well as illness, can be addressed sensibly and efficiently.

Iridology as a traditional and empirical diagnostic tool is used by Naturopaths to understand, assess and inform their naturopathic approach to health. Below is a brief explanation of Naturopathy’s main modalities used by naturopaths to assist clients according to their particular needs. See: Iridology

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important branches of Naturopathy. Nutritionists analyse your food intake for a variety of qualities including quantity, age-appropriateness, timing, composition, balance, colourfulness and, hydration, to name a few -to ensure your body has the necessary raw materials to produce your best recipe: a healthy life. Nutritionists will work around your lifestyle and dietary preferences to treat the whole person. Their goal is to improve health and wellbeing by addressing the quality of your food intake. Your Naturopath may introduce dietary modifications and prescribe nutritional supplements when necessary.
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Herbal medicines

Herbal medicines have been used for thousands of years. In fact, many pharmacy-based medicines were originally extracted from plants – their flowers, leaves, seeds and rhizomes. Herbal blends are prepared based on your health history and current presenting symptoms, and always take into account any medicine interactions to ensure the best healing action possible. Iridology will reveal your iris signs and the physical, emotional or other indications. The iris signs can help determine which herbal medicines will assist your vital force to regain its natural healthy balance.
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Naturopathy: Ethical Principles

Practitioners of Naturopathy are ethically bound by the foundations of Naturopathic Medicine:

Healing power of nature
We are meant to heal naturally – nature works with us, not against us to enable us to overcome health challenges efficiently.

Identify and treat the causes
Sometimes a symptom is a stepping stone which points to an underlying health condition. Naturopathy aims to uncover and treat the health conditions at their core.

Treat each patient individually
Naturopathy uses a minimalist approach and follows a therapeutic order by addressing first things first to avoid unnecessary over-prescribing.

Treat the whole person
Health conditions may have many layers. Naturopathy addresses the person in their totality – their whole physical, mental, emotional health and wellbeing.

Your Naturopath as a guide
Your Naturopath becomes a health coach, a health mentor, and a support person to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Prevention and promotion of good health
Many health conditions can be easily prevented. A sensible, sustainable and achievable approach will exponentially enhance your wellbeing and minimise health risk factors.


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Naturopathy: restore and maintain good health, vitality and wellbeing