Sydney Iridology: Consultations

Sydney Iridology offers consultations from Mondays to Saturdays with a qualified and experienced Iridologist and Naturopath. Sydney Iridology works with clients from various cultures with a wide variety of health concerns and genetic predispositions.

Taking into account individual likes and dislikes, Sydney Iridology will work closely with you and support you in achieving the very best health outcomes. You will leave the consultation empowered and connected to a deeper understanding of your health and aspects of yourself.


Initial Consultation – What to expect?

Your consultation will be with Sydney Iridology’s Naturopath and Iridologist See: About

A detailed health history client record is taken as well as an analysis of your food intake and dietary preferences, and questions asked about your lifestyle. See: Naturopathy

The iris of each eye will be examined and iris imaging will be made. This is non-invasive and suitable for all people, including children. See: Iridology

Iris imaging is a close-up look at the iris signs. Careful and therapeutic interpretation of iris signs and their imaging can reveal health indications and genetic predispositions. See: Iris Signs

The highlights: 

During the consultation, we will thoroughly discuss what each sign in your iris indicates and what it means in terms of your health and presenting symptoms. 

We will also discuss the natural therapy treatment options that your iris analysis reveals, so you can start feeling better in a matter of days. See: Naturopathy

As part of your initial consultation, Sydney Iridology will email your iris imaging to you together with a brief overview of your true base iris colour for free. Sydney Iridology has more detailed Iris Reports on offer. See: Iris Reports

Iris imaging does not replace medical investigation and diagnosis. Iridology reveals what your health potential is and may guide you towards healthier lifestyle choices and therapeutic treatments. See: Iris Imaging

Initial consultations with Sydney Iridology’s Naturopath and Iridologist last approximately one (1) hour depending on your needs and health status. There’s a lot of information and insight gained during these consultations and time is needed to assimilate and integrate this valuable understanding.

Sydney Iridology’s practitioner is a fully accredited member of the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

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Initial Consultations may include:
Iridology Assessments
Naturopathic Treatments
Herbal Medicines
Clinical Nutrition
Lifestyle Counselling

Consultations Pricelist
Sydney Iridology offers a range of pricing options for consultations with our qualified and experienced Naturopath and Iridologist. See the pricelist and other important information.


Sydney Iridology is located in Sydney’s inner west. Consultations are available from Mondays to Saturdays by appointment only. To book click the button below to directly email Sydney Iridology.

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