Your Sydney Iridologist will examine your eyes

Iridology studies the iris of the eyes

Iridology is the non-invasive examination of the coloured part of the eyes – the iris. Iridology sees the body as reflected in the colours and fibre patterns of the iris. Like a map, each part of the iris is understood to have a corresponding organ or part of the body. These ‘signs’ in the iris are a portal to your health and lifestyle – how your body is working, what your genetics might be, or any areas of weakness or strength.

The iris of the eye and your iridologist

Like fingerprints, every person’s iris is unique. Your Sydney Iridologist will examine the eyes, explain the different areas of the iris and what these represent – providing an insightful and therapeutic interpretation which usually includes physical as well as psychological aspects to your health. Your Sydney Iridologist may recommend appropriate natural therapies or medicines to enhance aspects of your health.
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What is an iridology examination?

An iridology examination involves taking a very close look at the iris of each eye. A high resolution digital photo is taken of the iris, magnified and interpreted. The image of the iris is projected onto a screen and the intricate details of the iris are made clearer and more visible. Iris signs such as rings, stars, flower petals and pigments are revealed for interpretation.
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See how you really are

An iridology consultation can be a very empowering experience. You will learn about yourself and your health, and what you can do to improve aspects of your wellbeing. High resolution digital photographs of your iris will be given to you to keep as an invaluable health record for future reference.
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Iridology: illuminating, insightful, empowering, informing, fascinating